Avoiding Sex – Is it the Solution?


Why is it that a large number of men are having problems in having sex? This is a common question asked by men who are suffering from the same problem. The most common reasons that men avoid sex are the following: – Physical discomfort – Lack of interest – Unaware of their partner’s needs and desires – Lack of confidence in his own ability to perform well in bed. All these are only some of the reasons but there is one more reason that people tend to forget about and this is the most common reason why men avoid sex.

Lack of intimacy in a relationship is a serious mistake that most men make at sometime or the other in their lives. It is no secret that sex plays a vital role in building strong bonds between two people. Sex is an act of physical intimacy. If your sex life is thriving, then there is a lot of hope in your relationship. Hence, it’s very important that you don’t give sex a miss.

Indian escorts suggested that avoiding sex is not only your responsibility but it is also a matter of trust. You should trust your partner and tell him/her that you have no issues with avoiding intimacy. You should be honest and should be ready to face the fact that your performance is not up to par. If you have been doing something like avoiding sex for weeks, then it is high time that you sit up and take notice of the fact that your marriage is taking a toll on your health and relationships.

Avoiding sex can be very difficult to do. You might be afraid of what people might think if you don’t go out with them. But you shouldn’t lose heart, as there are solutions to solve this problem. Avoiding sex might be the symptom of a larger problem. If you’re afraid of talking things out with your partner, then it is high time you do so.

Sexless couples are faced with one big challenge. The biggest challenge is the fear of talking about the problems that are affecting their relationship. So you must talk to your partner about the problem you both share. Talking about your problems in a mature manner will help you avoid conflicts in the future.

Avoiding sex is not a solution but it is a phase you need to get over quickly. There is no point of trying to hold on to a dead relationship. So the best advice when you feel that avoiding sex is the wrong thing to do is to avoid sex until you feel like having one. When you’ve come to terms with the fact that avoiding sex is the best option left for you in terms of solving your marital problem, then you can start planning for your next date.

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