Is Foreplay Always Needed Before Good Sex?

Why is foreplay always need before good sex? I mean foreplay is used in all kinds of sexual positions but it is especially important in penetrative sex. If you haven’t guessed from the name, foreplay involves gently stimulating your partner using your fingers or a sex toy until he or she is aroused enough to enter your vagina. In other words, foreplay is the process by which we get ready for penetration. That certainly means that it is very important and necessary for a successful sexual experience.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared for sex and foreplay, but why need to wait for that arousal to take place? Sure, you can talk to your partner about this and let him know that you are eager to have him inside you, but if you want to make him climax then you can’t start touching and caressing him when you are in the middle of an orgasm. Or you can, but then you will ruin the mood and it might not be very exciting. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, right? So foreplay needs to be good no matter what.

Here’s another question: Why do women need foreplay before good sex? The answer has to do with the female body and how nature designed it to be pleasurable for a long, satisfying and orgasmic experience. Nature also gave men the ability to postpone their orgasm during sex so that they can devote those precious minutes to pleasing their partner. So it stands to reason that foreplay is very important and that women have evolved to need this for enjoying sex.

Why is foreplay so important? It lets a woman become comfortable and lubricated enough to allow deep, vigorous and even painful penetration. And if a woman is properly warmed up and her vagina is also properly opened and lubricated, then deep, vigorous and even painless sex is more likely. Men tend to think that foreplay has to do with lust and that it is a must have for good sex.

But remember that foreplay is not necessarily about lust and it’s definitely not something you have to rush through in order to get it on with your woman. Foreplay can begin long before you ever think about having sex and it can really build intimacy and trust between you and your partner. Trust is extremely important between two people in love and foreplay is the way you create it. It establishes a connection between you and your woman and it is this connection which gives you the capacity to love her deeply and passionately and to be willing to give her the kind of lovemaking that she deserves.

So can foreplay make sex better or worse? This depends on your relationship with your woman and your comfort level with the process of foreplay. Remember that sex is a gift from your god and it’s your duty to give back to him exactly what you’ve been gifted – and foreplay is just a small part of what you give to your partner. The best couples are those who are naturally great at foreplay because they know that foreplay creates the emotional bond which gives them the ability to let their sexual energy to flow freely. So is foreplay always need before good sex?

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